Michael Ruggiero for School Committee


Two years ago, I took over my family's small business, but I've missed teaching. I hope you give me the opportunity to give back to Medford and build a killer math team.

Seven Years Teaching Experience

My teaching career has stretched from Philadelphia to Shanghai. I have experience teaching math in both elite universities and highly ranked public schools.

Small Business Owner

As an owner of an organic bluberry farm, I know how to stretch a buck. Throwing money at a problem will not solve poor planning. Customers demand responsive business. I hope to add this type of responsiveness to our school committee.

Our Campaign

My campaign is about creating the most accessible and effective school district in Massachusetts. The children of Medford deserve the best. Join me and letʼs go from good to great!

My Motivation

My name is Michael Ruggiero and I am running for school committee. Let me tell you why.

Somewhere in Medford, three years ago, a baby was born. Lovely, curious, and if anything like my pumpkins, a little bit of a trouble maker. Soon, the beautiful child will be entering kindergarten with my son, Casen.

Until I had a child, I could only see the rough outline of responsibility drawn by fatherhood. Yet, being a parent has opened my eyes beyond the circle of my own family. As a math teacher with over seven years experience, I know: EDUCATION IS DESTINY. Every kindergartener's future is shaped by the teachers and administrators standing in front of them.

Past Rankings, Future Success


Medfordʼs schools have made progress since the 90s, but in every ranking we fall into the middle of the pack. US News and World Report ranks our sister cities Arlington 12th, Somerville 69th, Everett 89th; we donʼt even crack into the top 100. Boston Magazine ranks our city 85th out of 150 Boston area schools. According to the MA Department of Education, we are over three points behind Maldenʼs 4-year graduation rate. Great Schools rank our district 5 out of 10. These rankings are a call to action: letʼs get to work!


The Mustangs have made us proud, but is it too outrageous to imagine our schools as the best in Massachusetts? No student should aim for a B. It is time we use our momentum and drive our schools to the highest academic standards.


Building a school district is a lot like building a boat while sailing it. Here are some ideas to move us forward:

  • Work with sister cities to see what works
  • Get discipline rates of Curtis-Tufts under 20%
  • Work with local universites for weekly lectures
  • Make academic events exciting and competitive
  • Create student elected liaison for school committee

Call me anytime at 781-866-2191

Created by Michael Ruggiero - 2017